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Two Arkham House Anthologies

Arkham House has two active Anthologies scheduled on the forthcoming list;

“The Arkham Garland” introduced by David Drake for November 2012. Here is the present list of contributors:   Drake Anthology

“Arkham Nightmares” introduced by Lois Gresh for late 2013. Here is the present list of contributors:   Gresh Anthology

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The Battered Box’s Itinerary for 2011

I will be attending the following conferences and book shows this year: perhaps we will see you at one of them? If you would like to place an order from the following two lists, and let me know in advance, I will deliver the order at the show and save you postage, which can be substantially especially for the Lost Treasures from the Pulps.

The Windy City Pulp and Paperback Show in Lombard Illinois,  15-17 April 2011.

The SH/ACD Symposium, 30th Anniversary in Dayton, Ohio (suburb Miamisburg) 13-15 May 2011

40th Anniversary of the death of August Derleth, in Sauk City Wisconsin 4 July 2011.

Pulpfest 2011 in Columbus Ohio. 29-31 July 2011.

The Bi-Annual Wodehouse Society Convention in Dearborn Michigan 13-15 October 2011

The link to the Arkham House Forthcoming List

AH Forthcoming List (2011-2014)

The link to the Price List for The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box,

BSDB Price List (Spring 2011)


Who is Sir Edward Leithen?

 I first met John Robert Colombo, many years ago now; If I had to guess it would be 2003. I was hot on the trail of Thomas Patick Kelley a Toronto based Pulp story writer from the 1940’s and 1950’s, and he proved most helpful. We subsequently met with the granddaughter of Kelly’s landlady, and we are still working on a deal. Since Kelley died in 1982 nothing can be published without permission. Kelley had some interesting stories published in Weird Tales which would be worth republishing, but then again, permission would be needed. John Robert and I were sitting in his living-room discussing strategy, and John asked what other authors I was interested in, and I replied Stephen Leacock and John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir. And so a couple of years later here is the John Buchan project as it currently stands. There are five volumes in the project:

The Complete Adventures of Richard Hannay Vol. 1 (Buchan) ISBN 978-1-55246-???-?

Adventures of Mr. Dickson McCunn and Other Swashbucklers Vol. 3 (Buchan) ISBN 978-1-55246-???-?

The Historical Novels Vol. 4 (Buchan) ISBN 978-1-55246-???-?

Memory Hold-The-Door and Other Essays Vol. 5 (Buchan) ISBN 978-1-55246-???-? @

The Saga of Sir Edward Leithen

Volume 2. By John Buchan, with an introduction and essay by John Robert Colombo, Hard Cover Folio 390 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-560-8 @$75.00

“Dear Trixie” by Lisa Hammer

Dear Trixie

by Lisa Hammer)TPB 200 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-939-2 @ $20.00


Twelve Ghostly Tales by Estrid Balslev


Early in 2010, I received a manuscript of ghost stories in Danish from an enthusiastic member of The August Derleth Society, one Estrid Balslev. Although I couldn’t understand a work of it, I suggested to the author in an e-mail, that if she translated it into English, I would submit to the editorial board — The Sacred Six for consideration. The English translation arrived a couple of weeks ago as an E-mail attachment. John Robert Colombo has reviewed the manuscript for esl’s (English as Second Language) and this process is now complete. Estrid’s colleage Neils Reiter has send along a proposed cover illustration and here it is. Patricia Visneskie has almost completed the cover, and the text is ready to go to press. I am waiting for CIP data from Ottawa.

Twelve Ghostly Tales

by Estrid Balslev. Cover photographs by Neils Reiter. Trade Paperback 136 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-948-4 @ $20.00

Massey College Gaudy Night Bedtime Stories

When I was first invited to attend a Gaudy Night at Massey College some five years ago now, I enjoyed it very much. One of the memorial highlights of the evening was the Master’s bedtime story featuring his trials and tribulations with the various animal kingdoms resident in the college. John Fraser, the Master has now collected all his stories into a volume, and it will also include a story scheduled for December 2011. I understand, but have yet to confirm that the resident animal will be a moose. Perhaps that is because Charles Pachter’s fanciful cover contains a “Where’s Waldo” Moose. John Fraser has followed in the footsteps of Robertson Davies, the first Master of Massey College founded in 1962. DAvies used to relate a ghost stories, and these too were subsequnetly colelcted. It is important to note that the College will celebrate it’s 50th birthday in 2012.

Massey College Gaudy Night Bedtime Stories

by John Fraser, with cover by Charles Pachter. Trade Paperback 200+ pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-942-2 @ $20.00
This book is a work in progress, but here is thumbnail portrait of the wrap-around cover which every friend of Massey will recognize the reality and the whimsey. Or is that Lord Wimsy? Isn’t he the character who solved the Gaudy Night Mystery by Dorothey Sayers? — but I digress.

Sherlock Holmes six-pack from the Battered Box in 2011

Victorian Holmes 

by Michael Duke TPB 232 pp. ISBN 9781-55246-940-8 @ $24.00

This is a collection of Sherlock Holmes scholarship from Australia. It went to press last week, and I am about to view the proposed cover. The art work for the cover was created by Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books. It might benefit from an Index, but the Table of Contents will have to suffice.

Thinking Outside the Tin Dispatch-Box

 by William R. Cochran, Trade Paperback 160 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-941-5 @ $20.00

This is book of Sherlockian scholarship. Many of the Biblical references and footnotes are beyond my comprehension, but it is certainly thought provoking. The project is almost ready for press. Some additional illustrations by Tom Artis are on the way. With a little luck and coordination this book will launch at The ACD/Sherlock Holmes Symposium in Dayton Ohio on 13-15 May 2011. Check Ron Fish’s Sherlock Holmes Calendar website for details.

The Compleat Adventures of Picklock Holes

by Rudolf Chambers Lehmann, Trade Paperback 180 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-913-2 @ 16.00

This is a small collection which collects the pastiches which are interesting and charming. Many of the stories have been collected in anthologies elsewhere. The original book illustrations are included, and a portion of one forms the cover. This will likely appear in 2011.

101 More Crossword Puzzles and Acrostixs

by Franklin Saksena 221pp. TPB ISBN 978-1-55246-879-1 @ $30.00

This is the second volume of  crossowrds and acrostixs by Franklin Saksena. This publication has been delayed for over a year since I was frustrated with the formatting of the double lines necessitated with the acrostixs. I am sure there is an easy way to do it, but I never could find it. This volumes was launched in New York City on the BSI weekend at the beginning of January. Don’t buy this unleass you already have the first one. This volume uses many of the illustrations by Paul Churchill that originally appear in the first colelction as well as the cover in maroon instead of hunter green. 

The Incident of Ak-Sar-Ben

by P. Whitney Hughes a.k.a. Hugh Whitt. Trade Paperback 200 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-920-0 @ $16.00

This story is the third in a series. The first two are The Adventure of the Two Coptic Patriarchs and The Adventure of the Victroian Vulcan. This is a four collection of short stories on the drawing board entitled The Wheat and the Chaff. I personally have never been a fan of pastiches, but I do recognize the compulsion of every Sherlockian, big and small, young and old to emulate the story telling of the Literary Agent. I even started to write one once, only to discover I can’t write my way out of a wet paper bag! The wrap around cover is a delightful interpretation by Laurie Fraser Manifold of Sherlock and Watson taking an Air Balloon ride. It is a wrap around and a delight to behold.

Under the Darkling Sky

by John E. Weber. Hard Cover and Trade paperback 392pp. with Index ISBN 978-1-55246-851-7 @ $65.00 or $40.00

This volume also rolled out in New York in January 2011. John is a Holmes and Doyle scholar who has travelled extensively in England to compile this comprehensive volume. The cover is a evocative photo of Dartmoor that the author took himself, and provides an appropriate visual image for the title. The text takes my good friend to task for his selections of canical localities. But it is all part of the game — I think!

Realms of Conjecture

By David Hammer. Soft Cover 120 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-892-0 @$20.00

This is another volume of fact and fiction by David Hammer. He takes dead aim at some of the high profile characters in the cult (better to say hobby) David has the unique ability of expressing his opinions in words in a very engaging fashion. This ability has undoubtedly served him well in the courtrooms of Iowa over the years. I have reworked the art work of Jean Pierre Cagnat for the cover; it features Monsieur Hammer hanging by a rope impaled with various instruments of death. If you don’t like what David has to say, you will certainly enjoy the cover. The book is about to go to press, after a final proof reading by David. This project was also instrumental in another book project coming my way. In brief, David had written an essay on the demise of Richard Lancelyn Green. David had previously offered the manuscript to the Wessex Press and it was rejected based on the manuscript containing the RLG essay. When Jon Lellenberg heard that I was now considering publishing the manuscript — with the RLG essay, we (Jon and I) had a series of telephone conversations in which a law suite was alluded to more than once. I’ll spare you the details, but the results; David agreed to withdraw the essay altogether; and Mycroft and Moran published Baker Street Irregular. David also did a major rewrite of his essay on Wiggins and The Baker Street Irregulars. In my opinion, David remains highly critical of the irregular organization and I predict it will be increasing difficult for those Irregulars who are “low-bridging” it; and also increasingly easy for those irregulars who are attempting to “low-bridge” it as well.


Update on the Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

I started to compile The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library in 1995 shortly after I was introduced to Peter Ruber. It grew into a multi-volume work, and it is nearly completed now; there have been many forks in the road, a litany of half-truths, incompetence and duplicity which does not bear repeating. The project started with Cameron Hollyer and I searching out Vincent Starrett’s birthplace at 47 Oxford Street. There are still volumes left to complete:

V14. The Fugitive, Other Stories and the Caboose

by Vincent Starrett, with commentary by Peter Ruber. Hard Cover, 220p. ISBN 978-1-55246-116-7 @ $36.00
This is the last collection of short stories by Starrett. SOme have been collected elsewhere, and some have never been collected. There are a couple of Jimmie Lavendar stories that have been uncovered since the 4th volume of his stories went to press. I do believe there are no more, but would like to be proven wrong!

V23. Born in a Bookshop

by Vincent Starrett Hard.  Hard Cover, 318p. with Index ISBN 978-1-55246-130-3 @ price not set yet
With a new Introduction by Michael Dirda
This volume is Starrett’s autobiography. It was originally published in 1965 by The Universary of Oklahoma. I have delayed publication since Starrett noted after its publication that there was a lot of material that was never included. I have made numerous inquiries, and nothing more than an additional 35 pages has appeared, and this has been included as an appendix. This will not appear in 2011.

V24. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and Other Sherlockian Pieces

by Vincent Starrett. With an introduction by Karen Murdock. Hard Cover and TPB, 500+pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-132-7 @ Price not set yet.
This volume includes the text of the 1960 University of Chicago Press edition which was ememded by Starrett with the assistance of Michael Murphy. As originally conceived, this volume was scheduled to published last so that it could include all and any Sherlockian pieces collected from anywhere they might have appeared. I invited Karen Murdock, and she rapidly discovered that much was taken from the “Books Alive” column of The Chicago Tribune and and she went on to collect these separately and that appeared in 2010 as Sherlock Alive. The first edition cover has an extraneous apostrophe in “Book’s” and this has been removed in subsequent editions.

Lost Treasures from the Pulps in 2011

There are many projects underway, and many have been delayed because of the amount of effort involved in Arkham House projects. I get many inquiries about these projects, and each one of them requires an explanation which is time consuming, and so this post should address all questions simultaneously. I can also update it as time goes by. Many of these projects are far advanced, and on the verge of going to press.

The Compleat Adventures of Luther McGavock and Others

 by Merle Constiner. Page count not fixed. Hard Cover Folio 462+pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-794-7 @ $75.00

This is a project that has been on the list for almost six years now. There is one earlier collection of Constiner featuring the Adventures of “The Dean.” There are a total of 12 stories in Black Mask and 11 that feature Luther McGavock. These stories will be published with the permission of Keith Alan Deutsch. When compiled this was a slim volume, and so a decision was taken to include Constiner tales from other Pulpmagazines and amend the title accordingly. I am still looking for a couple of these additional stories, and the remainder are now included and with the proof reader. The volume is now substantial and I can only say the delay will eventually well reward the reader’s wait. All the illustrations and covers that accompany the stories have been scanned. The Dustjacker is approved.

The Compleat Adventures of the Suicide Squad

by Emile Tepperman. Hard Cover Folio 400+ pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-752-7 @ $75.00.

This volume collectes the 23 stories, some serialized in Ace G-Man Stories. The text is complete and proof read. All the illustrations and covers that accompany the stories have been scanned. The Dustjacker is approved. The delay has been the integration of the text and illustrations; and simply requires a weekend’s work when there is nothing more pressing to do. Perhaps it will get done in March, in Florida?

The Tong of Terror: The Adventures of Jimmy Wentworth

by Sidney Herschel Small. Hard Cover 400+ pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-775-6 @ $75.00

This volumes collects 30 stories featuring Jimmy Wentworth, a police officer born in China who battles the Chinese Tongs in San Farancisco. Some stories are serialized and there are a total of 75 pulps episodes in the series. The text is complete and the illustrations are scanned and ready for integration. The volume has been proof read. The dustjacket has been designed. I note that I still have to apply for a CIP data, and this will follow shortly. The project still requires a couple more weekenda, with nothing else on deck.

The Compleat Adventures of Donald Everhard

by Gordon Young, with an Introduction by Richard Bleiler. HC 2V 1012 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-784-8 @ $150.00

This set of two volumes was originally suggested by Richard Bleiler, and has received significant contributions from many sources. The last page of the last story arrived in February 2011. All but one story appeared in Adventure Magazine. All the stories are scanned and appear chronologically by date of publication. There are two covers which will be used on the Dust Jacket. This will be a 2 volume collection with alot of content — 957,500 words actually. There are 27 stories, many are serialzied with 6 parts.

The Compleat Zambra the Detective

by Headon Hill with an Introduction by Bob Adey) Hard Cover Folio 500+ pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-626-1 @ $75.00

This series was suggested by Bob Adey, and he has provided all the content from obscure British magazines from the beginning of the 20th century. Some short stories, and Novellas and at least one Novel. The text has been scnned, but needs another proof reading. (I am an imperfect proof reader, as well as an imperfect webmaster.) The work contines, and this project is unlikely to appear in 2011, but we will try.

Strange Ocean Vistas of Philip M. Fisher

Philip M. Fisher, with an Introduction by Rodney Schroeder, and comprehensive commentary byGary G. Garner. Hard Cover Folio 500pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-530-1 @ $90.00

This project commenced back in 1998 at the suggestion of Gary Garner. The dustjacket has been completed, and features a great oil painting of a Zeppelin. Completing this project is currently not in my hands to do, but I am optimistic that work will proceed again shortly. The project so far received has been proof read.

The Satan Hall Omnibus

by John Carroll Daly. Hard Cover 482+ pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-754-1 @ $90.00

This volume collects 24 stories from Detective Fiction Weekly (some serials) and 2 stories from Black Mask. A couple of the tales proofed to be very elusive, but all are now scanned and proof read. There are many pulp covers to include on the Dust Jacket. All the internal illustrations are scanned and need to be integrated into the text. (437.000 words)

Mr. Chang and Rafferty

by E.A. Apple, writing as A.E. Apple. Hard Cover Folio 4 Volumes ISBN 978-1-55246-829-6 @ $350.00

This project collects all the adventures of Mr. Chang (2-1/2 volumes) and Mr. Rafferty (1-1/2 volumes). The text has now been assembled, and the proof reading is almost complete. There are many pulp covers to include from Detective Story Magazine. The author’s family still lives in Canada, and is looking forward to the publication with enthusiasm. Mr. Chang is Canada’s version of Fu Manchu; and Rafferty is Apple’s incarnation of Raffles. There are a total of 1,286,735 words.

Introducing Mr. Chang . . . 

by E.A. Apple. TPB 290 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-943-9 @ $28.00

This is a small volume, designed as an introudction to the four volume set above. It features novelized, expnaded version of two of the stories contained in the project above, namey Mr. Chang and Scotland Yard and Mr. Chang’s Crime Ray. The book is set up like an Ace Double with the back story inverted and essentially two cover pages and one ISBN

The Otis Adelbert Kline Omnibus

by Otis adelber Kline 2 perhaps 3 Volumes ISBN 978-1-55246-834-0 @ $price not set

This is another very ambitious project which has been stalled. I set the project aside altogether when I was unable to reach I felt was a reasonable agreement with Kline’s estate representative. Since the author passed away in 1996. It is my clear understanding that alll his published writing is out-of-copyright in Canada in 1997. I shall proceed on this understanding without the involvement of the estate. The problem is to find the time, and in the meantime an excellent project languishes in my In-Basket. I would estimate that is over 50% acomplete, and needs another proof reading.

The Adventures of Philip Strange

by Donald H. Kehoe. 4 Volumes ISBN 978-1-55246-837-1 @ $300.00

This is another huge project which is now essentially complete. There are a total of 64 stories, all contained in a single isse. One story proved elusive, but is now scanned and all of them have been proof read. The final step is scanning the illustrations which is problematic since most all the first page illos scan two pages. The pulp covers are all interesting but bear little revelance to the covers. This is but one character series contain in Flying Aces by Kehoe, but it is the one he is most remembered for. The set of 4 DJ’s has been designed and they are ready to fly. There are a total of 1,110,561 words

An Adventure Trilogy

by Arthur Douglas Howden Smith 3 vol. Set ISBN 978-1-55246-817-3 @ $60.00

This project contains 3 prequel novels which were serialized in Adventure Magazine to Treasure Island. They are; The Doom Trail Beyond the Sunset and Porto Bello Gold. Treasure Island is my childhood favourite, so to learn how the gold got there in the first place is de rigeur. The books have been scanned and partially proof read. Still looking for some original Dustjackets for the book editions to illustrate. This book will not be published in 2011.

The Yellow Menace

by Louis Tracyand introduced by John D. Squires, Trade Paperback 221pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-872-2 @ $30.00.

This is a pet project of John Squires and I started to work with him in 2003. It is a novel which was originally serialized in the newspapers, and was syndicated to accompany the appearance of the silent movie which is now lost in the sands of time, although many photos still remain. It is presently with the proof reader, and I must integrate the photos, taken from a French translation into the reconstructed text. There are 80,000 words and an excellent commentary with much additional ephemeral illustated material collected by Squires.

The Schemes of Dr. Nikola

by Guy Boothby, with an introduction by Rick Lai and Aislise Bulfin. HC 400+pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-883-8 @ $75.00

This is a collection of five novels featuring a Moriarty type villain-hero.  The five are: A Bid for Fortune — Doctor Nikola Returns — The Lust of Hate — Dr. Nikola’s Experiment — Farewell, Nikola. I am still waiting for the original magazine illustration to accompany the text. Aislise is assembling them in Ireland. Otherwise the project is ready to go, but could use another proof reading. There are 380,147 in the project.

The Compleat Adventures of Robert Lauriston Jones and Others 

by Charles B. Stilson,  Hard Cover 504 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-885-2 @ $60.00

This project was originally suggested by Kevin Cook, and scanned by Brian Earl Jones of Detroit. It consists of two serialized novels from the pages of All-Star WeeklyA Man Named Jones and Land of the Shadow People as well as 8 unrelated short stories. The project is complete, and the dustjacket is presently being created by Patricia Visneskie. It will be a big book and contains 200, 000 words.

The Compleat Adventures of Gillian Hazeltine

by George F. Worts, Hard Cover Folio, 3 Volume 1000+pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-916-3 @ Price not set as yet

This is an ambitious project, by the author of an earlier lost treasure — Peter the Brazen. It collects 25 Novels, Novellas and Short stories. It collects the adventures of a lawyer who always wins his seemingly hopeless cases and drives the District Attorney mad in the process. The stories originally appeared in Argosy Magazine, and they were difficult but not impossible to assemble with the help of Randy Vanderbeek who has a lengendary collection of pulp magazines. There are 858, 399. The project has been proof read, but the illustrations must all be scanned and integrated. There are many pulp covers to select for the Dustjackets.

The Illusions of Norgil The Magician

by Walter Gibson. Hard cover 500pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-921-7 @ Price not set as yet.

Norgil is a Magician Detective who solves 23 cases in this collection. The stories first appeared in Crime-Busters and Mystery Magazine. They are still under copyright, and I have to track down the Walter Gibson estate representative. 2/3 of the stories were collected by Otto Penzler when the author was still alive, but volume 3 never appeared.

The Adventurers: The Wings of Danger

by Arthur A. Nelson,  HC 400pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-889-0.

this project was originally suggested by Kevin Cook, and I’m still waiting for the photocopies to scan. The story has already been published as an inexpensive trade paperback, and may well be abnadoned altogether. This happens.

The Nictzin Dyalhis Portfolio

by Nictzin Dyalhis.  Hard Cover 350pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-887-6 @ Price not set as yet

This volume collects the serialized novels from Weird Tales and short fiction from elsewhere. I am still looking for one story — “The Whirling Machete” from Underworld. I always appreciate help! the rest is scnned but could use another proof reading.

Inspector West Goes to War

by John Creasey, introduced by Francis M. Nevins. Hard Cover Folio 500+pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-946-0 @ $75.00

This volume collects all five Inspector West Novels that Creasey wrote during WWII. They are elusive now, and I obtained all five copies on loan from the collection of Robert Briney. The five novels are: Inspector West Takes Charge — Inspector West Leaves Town — Inspector West at Home — Inspector West Regrets — Holiday for Inspector West. The cover illustrations were made to order by Laurie Fraser Manifold, and are delightful. Mike Nevins introduction is comprehensive and compelling. There are 409,270 words to digest.

The Crime Magnet

by Sax Rohmer, with an introduction by Gene Christie, and an essay by John Robert Colombo) Trade Paperback 221+pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-950-7 @ $30.00

This is an uncollected series of stories that appeared in This Week. They are now out-of copyright in Canada, NOT in the USA. The magazine is elusive, and copies were obtained from The Library of Congress microfilm. The magazine is oversized and difficult if not impossible to scan. The stories are being transcribed by JRC; and Larry Knapp has agreed to supply as many of the original illustrations as possible. This is indeed a work in progress. Stay tuned.

The Compleat “Needle Mike” 

by William E. Barrett.  Hard Cover 400+ pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-949-1 @ $60.00

This is a series of 16 short stories from the pages of Dime Detective, featuring a detective who crated tattooes. I obtained all the pulps from Randy Vanderbeek, and they are scanned and in the pile to go to Florida for layout and proofing in March 2011.


Arkham House Forthcoming List (2011-2014)

 Clink on the link to load a two page pdf file:   AH Forthcoming List (2011-2014)

 Now I have frequent questions on the status of the various projects, so here goes: 

The Arkham Sampler is selling well, and the edition is half sold out. Reserve your copy today before they are gone. A number of sets have been sold who already have a complete set of Samplers, because they can’t read the originals because they come apart with a good read after 60 years of sitting on the shelf.

The Baker Street Irregular by Jon Lellenberg is selling well.

The Arkham House H.P. Lovecraft John D. Haefele & Martin Andersson, editors: This project is almost complete. The ordering of the text must be finalized. Incorporating the poetry chronologically with the text is a unique way to present the writings.

Deadly Dimensions and Other Blasphemies by Lois H. Gresh: The author has blocked off her time in the months ahead to accomplish this task. I have asked Vicor Molev to design the cover for the book. The selection of the artist for internal illustrations is pending and will have to await the completion of the book.

The Gargoyle and Others: A Shiver of Horror by Greye La Spina. This project is on schedule. The iintroduction from Jean-Philippe is almost complete. There are still some stories to locate. Jean-Philipp will make a selection to print and those to appear on the CD only.

On the Road to Cinnabar by Edward Bryant. Ahead of Schedule. Jean-Philippe has a lot of work yet to do.

An Arkham Garland An active anthology of Macabre Fiction introduced by David Drake. There are 18 contributors on deck. There is room for more, and the clock is ticking.

The Ghostly Fiction of H. Russell Wakefield. The accumulations of the fiction is essentially complete. We are still looking for one of the detective story collections. Barbara ROden is writing a comprehensive introduction.

Arkham Nightmares: Eldritch Tales of the Macabre Introduced and edited by Lois Gresh. There are 22 contributors so far, and Lois is working overtime.

The Blood Princess and Other Shadow Tales by William F. Nolan. Jason Brock is working with William Nolan to assemble the collection of favorites and new stories.

Seventy-Five Years of Arkham House. This project is early days. Dan Boulden will contribute a Price list of titles as an Appendix. There are two companion volumes lining up: An Arkham House Encyclopedia, and a revised August Derleth Bibliography, as well as a Solar Pons Encyclopedia.