Update on the Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

12 Feb
I started to compile The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library in 1995 shortly after I was introduced to Peter Ruber. It grew into a multi-volume work, and it is nearly completed now; there have been many forks in the road, a litany of half-truths, incompetence and duplicity which does not bear repeating. The project started with Cameron Hollyer and I searching out Vincent Starrett’s birthplace at 47 Oxford Street. There are still volumes left to complete:

V14. The Fugitive, Other Stories and the Caboose

by Vincent Starrett, with commentary by Peter Ruber. Hard Cover, 220p. ISBN 978-1-55246-116-7 @ $36.00
This is the last collection of short stories by Starrett. SOme have been collected elsewhere, and some have never been collected. There are a couple of Jimmie Lavendar stories that have been uncovered since the 4th volume of his stories went to press. I do believe there are no more, but would like to be proven wrong!

V23. Born in a Bookshop

by Vincent Starrett Hard.  Hard Cover, 318p. with Index ISBN 978-1-55246-130-3 @ price not set yet
With a new Introduction by Michael Dirda
This volume is Starrett’s autobiography. It was originally published in 1965 by The Universary of Oklahoma. I have delayed publication since Starrett noted after its publication that there was a lot of material that was never included. I have made numerous inquiries, and nothing more than an additional 35 pages has appeared, and this has been included as an appendix. This will not appear in 2011.

V24. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and Other Sherlockian Pieces

by Vincent Starrett. With an introduction by Karen Murdock. Hard Cover and TPB, 500+pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-132-7 @ Price not set yet.
This volume includes the text of the 1960 University of Chicago Press edition which was ememded by Starrett with the assistance of Michael Murphy. As originally conceived, this volume was scheduled to published last so that it could include all and any Sherlockian pieces collected from anywhere they might have appeared. I invited Karen Murdock, and she rapidly discovered that much was taken from the “Books Alive” column of The Chicago Tribune and and she went on to collect these separately and that appeared in 2010 as Sherlock Alive. The first edition cover has an extraneous apostrophe in “Book’s” and this has been removed in subsequent editions.

One response to “Update on the Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

  1. Kim Hoffman

    December 20, 2011 at 1:03 am

    Hello, My grandmother, Rachel Abright, had a close long term relationship with Vincent. I was born in Chicago. Once my sister and I were baby sitted by Vincent and Basil Rathborn. I’ve heard that whenever V.S. got into a cab he would tell the driver to “follow that car.” He sometimes would send me books – all sorts of books; just before being sent to Vietnam Vincent sent me a copy of The Great Grand Hotel Murder, which he inscribed to me. Anyway, I have fond memories of him. Keep up the good work! Best Regards, Kim Hoffman


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