Arkham House Forthcoming List (2011-2014)

11 Feb

 Clink on the link to load a two page pdf file:   AH Forthcoming List (2011-2014)

 Now I have frequent questions on the status of the various projects, so here goes: 

The Arkham Sampler is selling well, and the edition is half sold out. Reserve your copy today before they are gone. A number of sets have been sold who already have a complete set of Samplers, because they can’t read the originals because they come apart with a good read after 60 years of sitting on the shelf.

The Baker Street Irregular by Jon Lellenberg is selling well.

The Arkham House H.P. Lovecraft John D. Haefele & Martin Andersson, editors: This project is almost complete. The ordering of the text must be finalized. Incorporating the poetry chronologically with the text is a unique way to present the writings.

Deadly Dimensions and Other Blasphemies by Lois H. Gresh: The author has blocked off her time in the months ahead to accomplish this task. I have asked Vicor Molev to design the cover for the book. The selection of the artist for internal illustrations is pending and will have to await the completion of the book.

The Gargoyle and Others: A Shiver of Horror by Greye La Spina. This project is on schedule. The iintroduction from Jean-Philippe is almost complete. There are still some stories to locate. Jean-Philipp will make a selection to print and those to appear on the CD only.

On the Road to Cinnabar by Edward Bryant. Ahead of Schedule. Jean-Philippe has a lot of work yet to do.

An Arkham Garland An active anthology of Macabre Fiction introduced by David Drake. There are 18 contributors on deck. There is room for more, and the clock is ticking.

The Ghostly Fiction of H. Russell Wakefield. The accumulations of the fiction is essentially complete. We are still looking for one of the detective story collections. Barbara ROden is writing a comprehensive introduction.

Arkham Nightmares: Eldritch Tales of the Macabre Introduced and edited by Lois Gresh. There are 22 contributors so far, and Lois is working overtime.

The Blood Princess and Other Shadow Tales by William F. Nolan. Jason Brock is working with William Nolan to assemble the collection of favorites and new stories.

Seventy-Five Years of Arkham House. This project is early days. Dan Boulden will contribute a Price list of titles as an Appendix. There are two companion volumes lining up: An Arkham House Encyclopedia, and a revised August Derleth Bibliography, as well as a Solar Pons Encyclopedia.


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