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The BSDB nominated for a 2013 Hugo Award

Now, I know what it feels like having one of my 2012 publications nominated for a Hugo Award. I first met Marty and Ed Koch at Pulpcon in Dayton Ohio, back in 2006, and we started the project then. Martin developed health issues and the project was completed after Martin’s death with his wife Rosalind, and his co-worker John Helfers.


“I Have an Idea for a Book”

I first met Martin H. Greenberg. He was the Guest of Honor at a PULPCON in Dayton Ohio in 2004; the guest of honor was was Ed Hoch. Marti and I struck up the conversation and he was enthusiastic about the books I had at my table, and then mentioned he might a book for me to publish. He explained that it was his bibliography. He noted there was still much left to do, including the addition of the many foreign language editions, and reprints of the original anthologies. He sent me his working file after we returned home. We kept in touch by telephone; Marti informed me that he was diagnosed with cancer, but he was still working on his book. He was hospitalized at one point, and I wished him well. Martin passed away in June 1991. I learned of his death by reading his obit in Locus Magazine in August 2011. I called his widow Rosalind, and we met for dinner in Green Bay Wisconsin in September 2011, and we agreed to publish Martins Bibliography. It had a provisional title: “Reprinted with the Permission of …” and the 2004 version was 300 pages; Rosalind handed over the file that Martin had on his computer at the time of his death and it was just shy of 500 pages. Rosalind invited John Helfers, Martin’s right hand man for 17 years to edit the volume and bring it up to date. In July 2012, I got a file from John with 200 pages of additions, corrections and a couple of deletions. These are were integrated and a further proof to John resulted in a further 28 pages of emendation, all duly integrated. I suggested to Rosalind that some kindly caricatures of Martin might serve as frontispieces to each of the major genre sections. Rosalind commissioned Eric Jorgensen to create them and they are included. Roslind observed that the title was somewhat inapproriate; it would be for Martin early anthologies, but over the the last 15 years the anthologies consisted of many new works commissioned by Martin. The title of the book was changed to “I have an Idea for a Book.” It will be released in Chicago at Chicon 7 later this week.

The creation of an index proved very problematic. The length of the index would be as long as the book, and perhaps a little longer, as each entry is very dense with information suitable for indexing. The electronic index is indeed the book itself as an Adobe pdf file, which is fully catalogued and indexed.

                                 “I Have an Idea for a Book”


A Quarto of Electronic Projects

This morning I designed labels for four DVD projects I have been working on. The 1887 Beeton’s Christmas Annual; “I Have an Idea for a Book,” The Bibliography of Martin H. Greenberg; Miracle Man of Swing, a Bio-Discography of Bunny Berigan by Bozy White, and The Index to the Stand Magazine by Geraldine W. Beare.

I also learned how to print the labels directly on the CD with the HP printer, as well as the fact the printer can print on both sides of the paper. Of course this would have been basic knowledge, if I had read the Printer Manual!

The Index to the Strand (e-ISM)

The Miracle Man of Swing (e-MMofS)

1887 Beeton’s Christmas Annual (e-BXA)

“I have an Idea for a Book” (e-MGB)