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Approaching the Victoria Day weekend …

there are so many projects to discuss, I am somewhat at a loss about where to start, and so will try and organize the projects below, and deal with them one at a time: —

The Sacred Six – The Editorial Board for the The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, Messr. Colombo, Roberts, Schroeter, Vanderbeek, Vanderburgh and Weinberg. Plans for the second meeting in Dayton@Pulpcon.

Six for The Sacred Six – 1. The Polaris Trilogy (Charles B. Stilson) 2. The Palos Trilogy (J.U. Giesy) 3. The Suicide Squad (Emile Temperman) 4. The Tong of Terror: The Chinatown Adventures of Jimmy Wentworth (Sidney Hershel Small) 5. Satan Hall (Carroll John Daly) 6. Luther McGavock (Merle Constiner)

The story behind The Hebrew Hero

The publications of the poet Raymond Souster, the Bard of Toronto.

The publications of Stephen Leacock. A Scandal in Montreal by Ed Hoch scheduled for release on 7 June 2008, at the Leacock Medal Dinner in Orillia at Geneva Park.

The project ideas of John Robert Colombo – Jules Verne’s Canada.

The Uniform Edition of Hugh Hood

The Uniform Edition of Hugh Garner

Future Lost Treasures from the Pulps featuring 1. Strange Ocean Vistas (Philip M. Fisher, Jr.) 2. The Weird Fiction of Otis Adelbert Kline (O.A. Kline) 3. The Don Everhard Omnibus (Gordon Young) 4. Rafferty and Chang (A.E. Apple)

and then there are many other projects at various stages of completion: 1. The Shunned House — Leaf Edition (H.P. Lovecraft) 2. Carnacki The Ghost Finder (William Hope Hodgson) 3. Jumbee and East India Lights (William St.Clair Whitehead) 4. The Adventure Trilogy (A.D. Howden Smith) 5. Ernest Dudley 6. John Russell Fearn

The projects of Martin Gardner 1. The Fantastic Fiction of Gilbert Chesterton 2. The Annotated Casey at the Bat 3. Visitors from Oz 4. Mary Baker Eddy: The Rise and Fall of Christian Science 5. Mr. Belloc Objects and Still Objects to “The Outline of History” 6. The Adventures of Humphrey Huckleberry.

The electronic edition of The Rohmer Review (e-RR)

The Best Short Stories of August Derleth and three other collections.

The Adventures of Rogan Kincaid (Henning Nelms)

Memories of China (1920-1932) by A.R.C. Butson and his Father

The Old Man in the Corner and Other Detective stories (Baroness Emuska Orczy)

Will expand on each of the above soon


David L. Hammer publishes another book on Sherlock Holmes

David Hammer called me last fall and asked if I would be interested in publishing his latest memoir on Sherlock Holmes – essays, presentations, introductions and erudite investigations into Sherlock Holmes and his Literary Agent, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle entitled You Know My Methods Watson. I agreed without hesitation, and when the galley proof was completed, edited by Susan Z. Diamond of Chicago, then David prepared the index. The manuscript was then proof read by Elisabeth Thyne out there on the left coast in California. The book was launched, without fanfare in New York City at the Algonquin Hotel on the Sherlock Holmes birthday weekend in January 2008 (Sherlock is now in his 155th year, living in retirement on The Sussex Downs and practising his passion of Apiculture. The book can be previewed and ordered through my website at Trade paperback 136 pages. ISBN 978-1-55246-797-8

The Judge - ACD; prisoners in the dock -- Holmes and Watson; attorney - Hammer; the jury - 12 Sherlockians.