Undershaw R.I.P.

John Gibson appealed the decision of Waverley Borough Council to grant planning permission to David Forbes Nixon Foundation to build a school for The Stepping Stones School on the property of Undershaw, the original home of Sir Author Conan Doyle. The case was heard in November 2015, and the judge gave his decision on December 23, 2015. John Gibson was unsuccessful; alternately one might say John was soundly trashed. In any case I was there with him in the London High court for the event. We now both will move on to other things. John will now commence to write his Memoirs; and I will proceed to work on The Michale Harrison Memorial Library, including a book of Erotic Poetry by Michael Harrison, The Michael Harrison — August Derleth Correspondence, and a revised and expanded version of the Adventures of Chevalier Dupin.


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