Sherlock Holmes six-pack from the Battered Box in 2011

12 Feb

Victorian Holmes 

by Michael Duke TPB 232 pp. ISBN 9781-55246-940-8 @ $24.00

This is a collection of Sherlock Holmes scholarship from Australia. It went to press last week, and I am about to view the proposed cover. The art work for the cover was created by Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books. It might benefit from an Index, but the Table of Contents will have to suffice.

Thinking Outside the Tin Dispatch-Box

 by William R. Cochran, Trade Paperback 160 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-941-5 @ $20.00

This is book of Sherlockian scholarship. Many of the Biblical references and footnotes are beyond my comprehension, but it is certainly thought provoking. The project is almost ready for press. Some additional illustrations by Tom Artis are on the way. With a little luck and coordination this book will launch at The ACD/Sherlock Holmes Symposium in Dayton Ohio on 13-15 May 2011. Check Ron Fish’s Sherlock Holmes Calendar website for details.

The Compleat Adventures of Picklock Holes

by Rudolf Chambers Lehmann, Trade Paperback 180 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-913-2 @ 16.00

This is a small collection which collects the pastiches which are interesting and charming. Many of the stories have been collected in anthologies elsewhere. The original book illustrations are included, and a portion of one forms the cover. This will likely appear in 2011.

101 More Crossword Puzzles and Acrostixs

by Franklin Saksena 221pp. TPB ISBN 978-1-55246-879-1 @ $30.00

This is the second volume of  crossowrds and acrostixs by Franklin Saksena. This publication has been delayed for over a year since I was frustrated with the formatting of the double lines necessitated with the acrostixs. I am sure there is an easy way to do it, but I never could find it. This volumes was launched in New York City on the BSI weekend at the beginning of January. Don’t buy this unleass you already have the first one. This volume uses many of the illustrations by Paul Churchill that originally appear in the first colelction as well as the cover in maroon instead of hunter green. 

The Incident of Ak-Sar-Ben

by P. Whitney Hughes a.k.a. Hugh Whitt. Trade Paperback 200 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-920-0 @ $16.00

This story is the third in a series. The first two are The Adventure of the Two Coptic Patriarchs and The Adventure of the Victroian Vulcan. This is a four collection of short stories on the drawing board entitled The Wheat and the Chaff. I personally have never been a fan of pastiches, but I do recognize the compulsion of every Sherlockian, big and small, young and old to emulate the story telling of the Literary Agent. I even started to write one once, only to discover I can’t write my way out of a wet paper bag! The wrap around cover is a delightful interpretation by Laurie Fraser Manifold of Sherlock and Watson taking an Air Balloon ride. It is a wrap around and a delight to behold.

Under the Darkling Sky

by John E. Weber. Hard Cover and Trade paperback 392pp. with Index ISBN 978-1-55246-851-7 @ $65.00 or $40.00

This volume also rolled out in New York in January 2011. John is a Holmes and Doyle scholar who has travelled extensively in England to compile this comprehensive volume. The cover is a evocative photo of Dartmoor that the author took himself, and provides an appropriate visual image for the title. The text takes my good friend to task for his selections of canical localities. But it is all part of the game — I think!

Realms of Conjecture

By David Hammer. Soft Cover 120 pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-892-0 @$20.00

This is another volume of fact and fiction by David Hammer. He takes dead aim at some of the high profile characters in the cult (better to say hobby) David has the unique ability of expressing his opinions in words in a very engaging fashion. This ability has undoubtedly served him well in the courtrooms of Iowa over the years. I have reworked the art work of Jean Pierre Cagnat for the cover; it features Monsieur Hammer hanging by a rope impaled with various instruments of death. If you don’t like what David has to say, you will certainly enjoy the cover. The book is about to go to press, after a final proof reading by David. This project was also instrumental in another book project coming my way. In brief, David had written an essay on the demise of Richard Lancelyn Green. David had previously offered the manuscript to the Wessex Press and it was rejected based on the manuscript containing the RLG essay. When Jon Lellenberg heard that I was now considering publishing the manuscript — with the RLG essay, we (Jon and I) had a series of telephone conversations in which a law suite was alluded to more than once. I’ll spare you the details, but the results; David agreed to withdraw the essay altogether; and Mycroft and Moran published Baker Street Irregular. David also did a major rewrite of his essay on Wiggins and The Baker Street Irregulars. In my opinion, David remains highly critical of the irregular organization and I predict it will be increasing difficult for those Irregulars who are “low-bridging” it; and also increasingly easy for those irregulars who are attempting to “low-bridge” it as well.


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