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The Laboratory of Anthropology, Inc.

I have a number of collector’s prints of artifacts from Santa Fee, New Mexico. I will describe them¬†as best I can. First of All I acquired them from a cupboard at Arkham House. They appear to be in three series. The First is titled “I-Sculptured Fetish” by Louie H. from The Masterpieces of Primitive American Art. This folder also contained a membership certificate for August Derleth, and I attach scans of both. I don’t know the provenance but in 1945, but must now have historical interest?


A Christmas Card from Frank Utpatel

to August Derleth -- from Marion and Frank Utpatel

August Derleth sent and received many¬†Christmas cards during his career as a writing, publisher and family man. Christmas cards have become almost an anachromism in today’s world of e-mail, cell phones, and camera phones; somehow they are old fashioned, and expensive with postage charges, and international rates. I called overseas today with a flat rate of 2 cents per minute. A Christmas card would cost a minumum of $1.07 with HST! whereas with a telephone you get immediate feedback, with the give and take of social interaction. Here’s a scan of a card that the Utpatel’s sent to August Derleth in the 1940’s.