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The Début of Bimbashi Joyce

Last week I took a day to peruse the bound volumes of Punch on the shelves of the Upper Library at Massey College at the University of Toronto. I saw the original cycle of The Picklock Holmes parodies by “Cunnin Toile” by R.C. Lehmann  in 1893-4, 1903-1904 and 1918. I used my new toy, a hand scanner with an 8GB micro-disk. It is really quite useful when you get the knack. She beats using adigital camera. I also learned the meaning of a new word Charivari–a cacophonous mock serenade, typically performed by a group of people in derision of an unpopular person or in celebration of a marriage. The word is used in the header of every page. I also had a look at Punch May 1926 to see Sherlock overseeing AD shackled in chains to a chair. ACD had very few appearnces in Punch, but one to remember is the first story of the 20th century January 1900 — The Debut of Bimbashi Joyce with three illustrations 1 by Bernard Partridge and 2 by Tony Wilkiinson. These illustrations were not used when the story was collected in a collection of short stories, so I include here because some readers may find them of interest.


Massey College Gaudy Night Bedtime Stories

When I was first invited to attend a Gaudy Night at Massey College some five years ago now, I enjoyed it very much. One of the memorial highlights of the evening was the Master’s bedtime story featuring his trials and tribulations with the various animal kingdoms resident in the college. John Fraser, the Master has now collected all his stories into a volume, and it will also include a story scheduled for December 2011. I understand, but have yet to confirm that the resident animal will be a moose. Perhaps that is because Charles Pachter’s fanciful cover contains a “Where’s Waldo” Moose. John Fraser has followed in the footsteps of Robertson Davies, the first Master of Massey College founded in 1962. DAvies used to relate a ghost stories, and these too were subsequnetly colelcted. It is important to note that the College will celebrate it’s 50th birthday in 2012.

Massey College Gaudy Night Bedtime Stories

by John Fraser, with cover by Charles Pachter. Trade Paperback 200+ pp. ISBN 978-1-55246-942-2 @ $20.00
This book is a work in progress, but here is thumbnail portrait of the wrap-around cover which every friend of Massey will recognize the reality and the whimsey. Or is that Lord Wimsy? Isn’t he the character who solved the Gaudy Night Mystery by Dorothey Sayers? — but I digress.