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A Junior Bloodstain, 2013

A Junior Bloodstain was held at The Roosevelt Hotel, New York City, on Saturday January 12, 2013 from 11:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

It featured the premiere performance of The Riddle of the Starving Swine by Gayle Lange Puhl (adapted for dramatic reading by William Hyder) with hand puppets by Ken VogelGayle is from Evansville, Wisconsin and William is from Catonsville, Maryland.  Many enthusiastic Wodehousians and Sherlockians read the parts and manipulated the puppets in the jovial spirit of the playlet.  The Dramatis Personae in order of speaking were:

DR. WATSON: Bill Hyder, Stu Nelans and Philip Cunningham

SHERLOCK HOLMES: Ken Shuttleworth, Allan Devitt and Burt Wolder

LORD EMSWORTH (Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth): George Vanderburgh

BEACH (Butler at Blandings Castle): Ed Van der Flaes

LADY CONSTANCE (Sister of Lord Emsworth): Norma Hyder

ANGELA (Niece of Lord Emsworth and Lady Constance): Margret Fleesak




The story (one of thirteen) was included in Gayle’s first book Sherlock Holmes and the Folk Tale Mysteries which was also illustrated by her and launched on the BSI Weekend.  The script is available on request to George Vanderburgh ( at no charge as a nine page pdf for those interested in reading it.

Also introduced at the Junior Bloodstain was the new Clients pin designed by Laurie Fraser Manifold.





“I Have an Idea for a Book”

I first met Martin H. Greenberg. He was the Guest of Honor at a PULPCON in Dayton Ohio in 2004; the guest of honor was was Ed Hoch. Marti and I struck up the conversation and he was enthusiastic about the books I had at my table, and then mentioned he might a book for me to publish. He explained that it was his bibliography. He noted there was still much left to do, including the addition of the many foreign language editions, and reprints of the original anthologies. He sent me his working file after we returned home. We kept in touch by telephone; Marti informed me that he was diagnosed with cancer, but he was still working on his book. He was hospitalized at one point, and I wished him well. Martin passed away in June 1991. I learned of his death by reading his obit in Locus Magazine in August 2011. I called his widow Rosalind, and we met for dinner in Green Bay Wisconsin in September 2011, and we agreed to publish Martins Bibliography. It had a provisional title: “Reprinted with the Permission of …” and the 2004 version was 300 pages; Rosalind handed over the file that Martin had on his computer at the time of his death and it was just shy of 500 pages. Rosalind invited John Helfers, Martin’s right hand man for 17 years to edit the volume and bring it up to date. In July 2012, I got a file from John with 200 pages of additions, corrections and a couple of deletions. These are were integrated and a further proof to John resulted in a further 28 pages of emendation, all duly integrated. I suggested to Rosalind that some kindly caricatures of Martin might serve as frontispieces to each of the major genre sections. Rosalind commissioned Eric Jorgensen to create them and they are included. Roslind observed that the title was somewhat inapproriate; it would be for Martin early anthologies, but over the the last 15 years the anthologies consisted of many new works commissioned by Martin. The title of the book was changed to “I have an Idea for a Book.” It will be released in Chicago at Chicon 7 later this week.

The creation of an index proved very problematic. The length of the index would be as long as the book, and perhaps a little longer, as each entry is very dense with information suitable for indexing. The electronic index is indeed the book itself as an Adobe pdf file, which is fully catalogued and indexed.

                                 “I Have an Idea for a Book”


The Battered Box’s Itinerary for 2011

I will be attending the following conferences and book shows this year: perhaps we will see you at one of them? If you would like to place an order from the following two lists, and let me know in advance, I will deliver the order at the show and save you postage, which can be substantially especially for the Lost Treasures from the Pulps.

The Windy City Pulp and Paperback Show in Lombard Illinois,  15-17 April 2011.

The SH/ACD Symposium, 30th Anniversary in Dayton, Ohio (suburb Miamisburg) 13-15 May 2011

40th Anniversary of the death of August Derleth, in Sauk City Wisconsin 4 July 2011.

Pulpfest 2011 in Columbus Ohio. 29-31 July 2011.

The Bi-Annual Wodehouse Society Convention in Dearborn Michigan 13-15 October 2011

The link to the Arkham House Forthcoming List

AH Forthcoming List (2011-2014)

The link to the Price List for The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box,

BSDB Price List (Spring 2011)


In Re: Pumpkin Carving

The three of us paged through the two pumpkin design books, and then approached the pumpkins with the carving equipment. We had enjoyed a leisurely lunch at The Blackhawk Restaurant, and had no other events planned for the rest of the afternoon. Henry Russell selected a ghostly gobblin, while Rodney Schroeter selected a cat sitting erect. When the job was done we sat back in our chairs, and watched the world go by, reflecting on the literary world, the August Derleth Society, the rise of Arkham House and the schedule of publications in the next two years, and finally how many angels will fit on the head of a pin!


Six New Titles in 2010

It’s snowing here today overlooking the ice on Lake Eugenia. Standing on my veranda overlooking the lake I can see some fishing shacks in the channel beside the island. I am holding a fresh, hot mug of coffee in my hands, and many projects at hand to occupy the day. Later in the afternoon I will drive up to the post box where 3 days mail still waits in Post Office Box 50. I am also trying to prepare for a read trip to Sauk City Wisconsin; I am looking forward to the visit very much. Finally I am posting the front covers of the six books that have been published so far in 2010 (and it’s only January) — and time permitting each will require a separate blog post, but maybe not enough time. Yes, a good day lies ahead of me.

Reporter's Notebook -- Volume 11 -- by Vincent Starrett

A Verdant Green: A Florilegium of Poetry for Anna & Bill McCoy

The Greatest Canadian Love Poem and Other Treasures of the Heart by Allan Glenn Rose

Walt Whitman's Canada compiled by C.Greenland & J.R.Colombo

Millennium Madness by Raymond Souster

War Christmas by Dwight Whalen


A Verdant Green – A Memorial & Book Launch

A Verdant Green: A Poetry Anthology to Celebrate the Lives of Anna and William McCoy

When? Thursday, March 4th, 2010 — Memorial Service (5:30 p.m.) and The Book Launch (7:00 p.m.)
Where? The Manulife Centre — 44 Charles Street West – Room 3110

Master of Ceremonies: John Robert Colombo

A Verdant Green
A Florilegium of Poetry for Anna & Bill McCoy
Edited by David Livingstone Clink

A florilegium is an unusual but beautiful word for a compilation of passages of poetry. This florilegium consists of poetry inspired by the natural world and the human need to appreciate and preserve life on this planet rather than despoil and destroy it. That need has never been greater than at the present time.
It was with this signal imperative in mind that William McCoy, a Toronto businessman, sought to celebrate the memory of his late wife Anna who deeply loved the world of nature. Alas, Bill himself died in the fall of 2009, before he could realize this dream. But he lived long enough to read many of these poems and to approve of the spirit of this anthology. Suitably, A Verdant Green is appearing bearing a dedication to the memories of Anna and William McCoy.
The general editor is David Livingstone Clink. He has sought out thirteen contemporary poets from across Canada and invited them to contribute from their own work poems that celebrate the world of nature and draw attention to the need for men and women to respect it. The collection is rich in such feelings and insights.
Here are the names of the thirteen contributors: bill bissett, Allan Briesmaster, Jenna Butler, George Elliott Clarke, Carolyn Clink, Karen Connelly, Barry Dempster, Maureen Scott Harris, Stephen Humphrey, Sandra Kasturi, Carolyn Malyon, Allan Glenn Rose and Raymond Souster.
David Livingstone Clink, the compiler, is known for his own sly and innovative poetry and for his work on behalf of fellow poets by organizing readings in the Toronto area and by operating the small-press called Believe Your Own Press.
Geoffrey James has contributed to the project a set of his evocative photographs to enrich the natural beauty of this florilegium and contrast the ravages of man.

Quality Paperback with colour cover, 166 pp. ISBN 13: 978-1-55246-845-6 $20.00