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Pears’ Soap Advertisements and Literature

Pears’ Soap published a Christmas Annual between 1891 and 1925. The internet is awash with various beatiful coloured adds and front covers. But nowhere can I find a bibliography of this eries of magazines. I know that A. Conan Doyle appears in some if not many of them. I came across this series of adds from tear sheets from The Nation which I acquire from George Locke’s trash bin a year or so ago now. Here’s a pdf with an assortment, rather plain and no colour, but The Nation was published in black and white.



In Re: The purchase of Flowers

Every adult male has been faced with the conundrum of purchasing flowers. With the exception of funerals it is a universally pleasurable experience, whether is for the garden in the spring, or for the apple of eye, or eye candy to contemplate in his home.

In the spring, it is recurring ritual to visit the garden centre or roadside venue to stock up on annuals and perennials for the home gardens. I tried many things over the years, all with a singular lack of success. Last Fall I invested in a three year plan for Day Lilies. this patch will be a Canada 150 project. I’ll post some pictures of year one display, this June.

I look forward to a visit to the nursery every fall to Poinsettias for Christmas thank yous, and presents to friends, as well as adorn the fireplace. Somehow I never manage to maintain these flowers, and they are dried out before their time, and are trashed. I prefer red, but white is always a nice change over the years.

I will never forget buying fresh jasmine flowers in the market in downtown Nairobi, Kenya over the noon hour for six weeks in 1993. My hotel was full of wonderful fragrance I will always remember. Longevity was not a characteristic, and they had to be replaced every couple of days  when business flights to Somalia didn’t get in the way.

And now I contemplate future purchases! A trip to Rochester for a meeting on February 20th. And the Toronto Garrison Ball on February 25th.


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“Marian Keith” is the pseudonym for Mary Esther (Née Miller) MacGregor (1874-1961).

1.  (1905) Duncan Polite: The Watchman of Glenoro
2. (1906) The Silver Maple: A Story of Upper Canada
3. (1908) Treasure Valley
4. (1910) ’Lizbeth of the Dale
5. (1912) The Black Bearded Barbarian: The Life of George Leslie MacKay of Formosa
6. (1913) The End of the Rainbow
7. (1918) In Orchard Glen
8. (1919) Living Lies (as by Esther Miller)
9. (1921) Little Miss Melody
10. (1922) The Bells of St. Stephen’s
11. (1924) Gentleman Adventurer: A Story of the Hudson’s Bay Company
12. (1927) Under the Grey Olives
13. (1930) Forest Barrier: A Novel of Pioneer Days
14. (1934) Courageous Women; with L. M. Montgomery and Mable Burns McKinley
15. (1935) Glad Days in Galilee (U.S.A. Boy of Nazareth)
16. (1946) As a Watered Garden
17. (1948) Yonder Shining Light
18. (1952) Lilacs in The Dooryard
19. (1960) The Grand Lady