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Acronyms and Pre- & Post-Nominals

Over the past couple of months, I regularly run across acronyms, that I am simply not familiar, or perhaps a better word, ignorant. Every time I visit 23 (Hamilton) Field Ambulance, I am bombarded with conversation with multipe acronuyms in every sentence, I suppose in the 1970s when I was a young kean Medical Officer I used many acronyms of the day with abandon, and then when I was a practsing Physican I certainly used multiple acronyms in my  notes. Well here is the real deal, every time one crosses my path now, I ask the speaker to clarify exactly what he or she is talking about? My explanation is that I am an old guy now, and life has moved ahead of me! And if its in a letter, an e-mail, a facebook posting, a twitter, a podcast and or now a tumblr.. I immediately go to Google for a clarification, and usually end up on a wikipedia entry, for a wiki-comprehensive answer! The next day I have forgotten most of them. I am (not yet) a “texter”  but the generation one or twice removed certainly all are! I’ve seen a couple of message and the language appears to be a strange combination of abbreviations, acronyms, no vowels, et al. — all based on the English Language.

Another form of abbreviation is the use of post-nominals for business stationary, business cards, signs. The letters after your name is the way observes you qualifications for a job, position, profession, Military recognition and University degrees. The list is signicantly different with a common element for the United States of America, Canada and England. Wikipedia is invaluable in sorting through the differences.

Literary societies also grant degress, sometimes to a ridiciulous extent bordering on the absurd. I don’t think that the two sets of post-nominals should be combined at the same time. I do think it leads to confusion. This is truly a case where there is no wrong answer. Whatever the individual chooses to do is right-and-correct  for him or her.

For example, the use of Esquire (Esq.) after one’s name. I thought that it was for a man, upstanding in the community — in the old days, a Squire, and should not be combined with other initals acquired in his lifetime. But now I read that it is a term adopted by the legal profession in the US of A, and that a lady lawyer can legitimately use it as well, and they do! I think there is a contents here for a small monograph here, perhaps titled — The Dynamics of Sherlockian Post-Nominals: A Treatise on Titles, Investiture, Medals, Medallions and Awards for Meritorious and/or Long Service in the Literary Vineyards of Detective Fiction; and the felicitous ordering of them after the last name on stationary and business cards — and the alike.


The Church Parade

Since 1963 the members of 23 (Hamilton) Field Ambulance have met in Ancaster in the early fall at the beginning of the training year to participate  in the annual Church Parade to St John’s Anglican Church. This is one of the unit’s strong traditions started by veterans and members of the unit to celebrate the members of the Farmer Family who served with the unit during the two wars. Colonel George D. Farmer commanded the Fifth Field Ambulance from mobilization to November 1916. The unit was founded on 4 December 1900 and was known as the 7th Bearer Corps. The unit will celebrate it 11o Annivesary this December at the Unit Christmas party.

On 19 September 2010, at 09:30 hours the members of the unit formed up in the parking lot of Tim Horton’s in Ancaster and marched to the St. John’s Anglican Church. After the service, the members conducted a laying of the wreaths at the Farmer plot in the cemetery adjacent to the church.

The unit then adjourned to the garden party hosted by the Farmer family for the annual award ceremony and a light lunch. The entire exercise engenders Esprit de Corps and reunits colleagues after the summer away on course and serving. All the members present remembered the six soldiers serving abroad and in Afghanistan, and wish them a safe return — so they can participate in the parade in 2011.

Three photos follow: 1. forming up 2. on the march and 3. at the church.