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A Quarto of Electronic Projects

This morning I designed labels for four DVD projects I have been working on. The 1887 Beeton’s Christmas Annual; “I Have an Idea for a Book,” The Bibliography of Martin H. Greenberg; Miracle Man of Swing, a Bio-Discography of Bunny Berigan by Bozy White, and The Index to the Stand Magazine by Geraldine W. Beare.

I also learned how to print the labels directly on the CD with the HP printer, as well as the fact the printer can print on both sides of the paper. Of course this would have been basic knowledge, if I had read the Printer Manual!

The Index to the Strand (e-ISM)

The Miracle Man of Swing (e-MMofS)

1887 Beeton’s Christmas Annual (e-BXA)

“I have an Idea for a Book” (e-MGB)