Wisconsin Corn for My Feral Animals

09 Apr

Last week I scattered in my front driveway the last of the dried out field corn that I acquired from my friend Henry Russell in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin last fall. My feral animals enjoy this very much, but it takes them a day or two to discover it. This morning it was all gone; each husk was stripped clean. There were a couple of loose kernels left, but they will be gone tomorrow as well. The rain today is fast melting the snow away, and the mild weather brings the smell of Spring in the air. The damp rotting leaves from last fall still litter the ground. The block of blue salt is much reduced as well, and I will need another one from the Co-op next fall. The next time clock for mother-nature is the ice on the lake. This may be gone by the time I get back from the Windy city Book show next week. It is still cool enough at night for a fire.


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