Auction of 12 Tennison Road, South Norwood

01 Mar

Evening of 27 February (3 extracted facebook posts)

George Vanderburgh announces a time sensitive Conan Doyle alert!
ACD’s home at 12 Tennison Road, South Norwood goes on auction at 12 noon 28 February 2013 at the Radisson Blu Hotel. It is lot no. 52. It is live on the internet. Go to Select “on line auction” Choose Barnett Ross, and click on View Auction. You will have to register in order to enter. Perhaps we will “see you” there?although I will have to get up at 0700 EST. You can also view the property by using Google earth, and simultaneously alk up and down Tennison Road. Didn’t see the London Council plaque, but perhaps you will?

O800 of 28 February

I have the Barnet and Ross On-Line auction, and I am listening to the auctioneer as I write this. We are at Lot #20, with a 2.5 second delay. Remarkable this. Remember we are waiting for lot #52. I’m going to call John Gibson, on a separate line, (can’t use the magicJack here) when Barnet-Ross starts Lot #51

Lot 52 came up at approximately 0909 EST. There were 3 bidders on the floor, and no one on the telephone that I coud see. The bidding started at 650,000 pounds and was unsold at 725,000 which did “not quite meet the reserve.” John Gibson (Angmering West Sussex) listened in with me, and he predicts, and I agree with him, that one of the floor bidders will speak to the auctioneer after the sale, and if the reserve is 750,000 as we might guess, that it may sell then. The auctioneer mentioned that it was the former home of ACD, the creator of SH. John observed that he was 20 years younger, he would have been very interested in this property. What might have been! I should have had a second computer here to use the Magic Jack simultaneously; but I didn’t, so had to rely on a land line (across the pond) instead

Here’s a link, provided by Peter Blau which should also be of interest, and there is a picture of the back of the house, and the strip of land which accompanies the property. southnorwoodtouristboard



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