The Début of Bimbashi Joyce

27 Nov

Last week I took a day to peruse the bound volumes of Punch on the shelves of the Upper Library at Massey College at the University of Toronto. I saw the original cycle of The Picklock Holmes parodies by “Cunnin Toile” by R.C. Lehmann  in 1893-4, 1903-1904 and 1918. I used my new toy, a hand scanner with an 8GB micro-disk. It is really quite useful when you get the knack. She beats using adigital camera. I also learned the meaning of a new word Charivari–a cacophonous mock serenade, typically performed by a group of people in derision of an unpopular person or in celebration of a marriage. The word is used in the header of every page. I also had a look at Punch May 1926 to see Sherlock overseeing AD shackled in chains to a chair. ACD had very few appearnces in Punch, but one to remember is the first story of the 20th century January 1900 — The Debut of Bimbashi Joyce with three illustrations 1 by Bernard Partridge and 2 by Tony Wilkiinson. These illustrations were not used when the story was collected in a collection of short stories, so I include here because some readers may find them of interest.


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