The Suicide Squad in the Pulps

11 Jun

Another Lost Treasure that is on the verge on going to press is The Compleat Adventures of the Suicide Squad. These are the escapades of 3 American gentleman, a blond, a red-head and a dark haired fellows who go through life before and during the Second World War rescuing blond ladies, usually in a red dress from impossible situations from dastardly villains. This is not enduring literature for the ages, but it was a great escapist literature for our grandfathers. The Boche don’t fare very well, and there’s a great poster of the Squad defacing a propaganda poster of Adolf Hitler. The Japanes fare less well, with Oriental thugs being decimated en masse, with never a scratch nor injury to the members of the Squad. There are a total of 23 stories, almost all appearing in Ace. G-Man Stories. You can check out the website at: There are also a great batch of covers to illustrate the Dustjacket, and the internal illustrations are full of action. The project will go to press, just as soon as Robert Weinberg completes his introduction, and with a bit of publihser’s luck, it will be ready for Pulpfest in Columbia, Ohio at the endof July!



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