Arkham House Publishers — Submission Guidelines

28 Aug

1. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

2. We do accept proposals for books and outlines of books. Simply describe what you have or you wish to do and one of us will reply by email as soon as possible.

3. We are not a general publishing house. As our Mission Statement states we will publish one new project, and one old project every year. Request our Forthcoming Schedule through the end of 2011 by e-mail. Our interest lies in publishing macabre fiction and fantasy fiction in the form of novels, collections of short stories, and volumes of verse, as did August Derleth and Donald Wandrei, the founders of Arkham House in 1939.

4. Should your proposal or outline meets our editorial requirements – and if we encourage you to submit your manuscript – send it by regular mail.

5. The submission must include a covering letter with contact information and biographical details. Required, also, is a one-page synopsis of your manuscript or proposal, along with the table of contents, as well as the first two chapters or sections of the full work. Do not send the full work.

6. No simultaneous submissions. We respond quickly.

7. If you wish your submission returned, include return postage.

8. We recommend that prospective authors spend at least fifteen minutes examining the website ( to familiarize themselves with the hundreds of books published by Arkham House in past editions.

You may contact either of use initially BUT, Robert prefers that George first screens the requests: On behalf of Arkham House Publishers, The Editors

George A. Vanderburgh, P.O. Box 50, R.R. #4, Eugenia, Ontario CANADA N0C1E0,

Robert E. Weinberg, 15145 Oxford Drive, Oak Forest, Illinois USA, 60452-2041


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