Solar Pons — Update

16 Jul

On my last trip to Sauk City I came across a stack “Solar Pons” material in the basement; including, Robert Pattrick ‘s correspondence about his chronology, with long replies from Derleth, and correspondence from other authors, as well as a couple of photographs of 7B Praed street from 1962 and I am attched one below. Also three manuscripts

The Muttering Man (7500 words) originally published as 7087 words.

The Birlstone/Yarpool  Horror  (6000 words) originally published as Burlstone Horror as 7776 words

The Gresham Marshes (6000 words) originally published as Gresham Old Place 5387 words.

two of which to be later versions than the ones that were discovered in the attic of 823 West Johnson and send to the archives of the August Derelth Society. I will include these in “The Dragnet Solar Pons et al.” If you remember I called you about these back in 1993, when I obtained a set from Paul Smedegaard to confirm that he had sent you the same thing. SO, what I thought was final back in 1993, wasn’t final after all.

7B Praed Street -- 1962


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