The Garden of Eden — Auggie and Eve

12 May

August Derleth’s  scrapbook contains many different interesting items, including some woodcuts by Frank Utpatel that I have not seen before. There are two of particular note which I have entitled “The Garden of Eden” and “Auggie and Eve.” I suspect the originals were produced in the 1940s when Frank was at his best. I have censored the latter not so much because it has a single pornographic overtone, but rather to stump the pirates on the internet from appropriateing it the whole and reusing it. These illustrations would make good content for the dustjacket of Annals of Walden West. This volume is long overdue, and August was working on it, at the time of his death. Peter Ruber started to assemble short pirces for the volume in the 1990’s. I received the manuscript directly from April, in 2002, and showed it at the Walden West Festival that year, misplaced it at the Freethinker’s Hall and retrieved it once again in 2004.


One response to “The Garden of Eden — Auggie and Eve

  1. John Haefele

    July 26, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    I just received by U.S. mail a copy of Derleth’s AND YOU, THOREAU!, the 1944 chapbook—which I won by auction using eBay—and find reproductions of these two woodcuts inside. The one depicting Derleth is in the “El Amor” section, which features three poems that were later gathered into COLLECTED POEMS under the heading of “Lona,” the one name out of all his significant others I do not know…


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