The Necronomicon

01 May

Is this reality or an eleborate hoax? That’s a good question which I was going to try and answer, but stopped when I paged through the 8 issues of The Arkham Sampler. I found a great article on the book which ansswered most of my questions, and posed a few others. Perhaps somebody should go about compiling a Bibliography on this phantom title? Rather than going out and trying to find the original, which is elusive and expensive wait a little while and purchase The Arkham House Facsimile Edition written up elsewhere in this blog. If you do decide to purchase the originals, a set sold at a recent book show for $250.00. The problem is the purchaser can’t really subject them to a careless bedside read, because they are printed on post war (1948-1949) pulp paper, and they have a significant tendency to fall apart. This is a strange paradox — purchasing books you can’t read if you want to retain their value! However purchasing the Necronomicon is no problem, any “legitimate” copy will only contain blank verse!


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