Lest We Forget — an Update

31 Mar

When my friend John Haefele suggested I publish his monograph Lest We Forget, I was pleased to do so, and the link to the webpage is appended here:

This is an important piece of scholarship, because John has methodically worked through Derelth’s writings over his entire career and collected everything Derleth had to say about H.P. Lovecraft. What he said is important, but even more important is WHEN he said it. There is no doubt in my mind Derleth forms an important cornerstone, in the present day cult of Lovecraftian literature. And a gentle, but firm — “shame on you” to those nay-sayers who have previously prostelatized otherwise in printed and written word. To put it another way, perhaps controversial, Derleth and Wandrei rescued Lovecraft from the obscurity of pulp literature of the first half off the 20th century.


One response to “Lest We Forget — an Update

  1. John Haefele

    April 1, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Thank you, George, for posting this. I would just add that this little booklet is a bibliography with representative quotes by Derleth, not a collection that reprints everything….


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