Only 258 e-mails in the Backlog now!

03 Mar

In April 2009 my computer got indigestion and crashed when Windows Express couldn’t cope, and then the new computer crashed again in September when the motherboard died. I lost my e-mails with the first crash, but retained them intact the second time around. I am playing catchup now, and I am only now sorting through the e-mail generated from my web site since  June 2009. Poor business man! and very slow on fulfilment to the frustation of many of my customers. There were other issues but no point in boring you with real life here.

Bob Weinberg and I are now working hard to put the finishing touches on The Arkham House Mission Statement and Forthcoming List (2010-2014). It’s not rocket science, one new book each year, one old book per year, and we can annouce we are scheduling Seventy-Five Years of Arkham House in 2014. This volume will highlight those Stanton and Lee titles missed the first time around, and other information not including in 60 Years. The editorial team is in place and reflects the length and depth of the collector-scholar community. The Arkham Brotherhood and Sisterhood will come together.


2 responses to “Only 258 e-mails in the Backlog now!

  1. Jean-Philippe

    March 19, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    Hello mister Vanderburgh – this is really wonderful news. As an Arkham House follower for the past 20 years or so, it’s great to read that new titles will be forthcoming, and simply that the press will indeed resume its activities. I had the opportunity to meet April Derleth this past summer at her home in Sauk City, as I was travelling for a few days in the area, after attending a lawyers’ convention in Chicago. During our conversation, she had indeed expressed optimism regarding the future of AH, and I’m happy to see it’s actually coming true. By the way, great description of the dogs – I remember them well from my own visit! Regarding the planned “75th Anniversary” volume, as the owner of the bibliographies by Sheldon Jaffery, as well as the 60th anniversary tome written by Joshi, I would make the suggestion to try and obtain the rights to include some of the anecdotes included in the Jaffery volume, as well as including more biographical and historical information about the traditional AH authors, August Derleth himself, and generally the functioning of the press over the decades. The biographical information written by Peter Ruber in “AH Masters of Horror” was quite interesting, but unfortunately became mired in controversy due to the presence of some harsh (but perhaps justified, I don’t know) comments about certain individuals. It would really be wonderful if the 75th anniversary volume could serve not only as an updated bibliography, but also as some sort of definitive “History of Arkham House”, since as the years go by, the last witnesses to the press’ early existence will slowly fade from the scene. Oh, and before going, just from a marketing standpoint, I would strongly recommend updating both the look and the contents of the Arkham House website (which isn’t really very inspiring as it looks right now), since so much of today’s publicity is tied to one’s website. Some of the more recent publications are so fascinating for anyone interested in the history of the field (e.g. the memoirs by Hoffman Price, the book about Hugh Cave, the resurrection of Nelson Bond, etc…), yet they are ignored since I’m not quite sure its audience is even aware of their existence. If not elsewhere, at least the website should present them with additional information, and in a more attractive fashion. Anyway, just a few thoughts – all the best in your ventures from a fellow Canadian, and do post more information here (or on the AH website) as things progress.

  2. Martin A

    March 26, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    That’s GREAT to hear!! 😀 Good luck!


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