Not in a Pig’s Ear!

03 Mar

I didn’t know it, but some dogs love pigs’ ears. April Derleth informed me of this fact yesterday on the phone yesterday when we were discussing the ramifications of my recent visit. I googled this not knowing what a pig’s ear was, but go figure, it is exactly what it says it is — pig’s ears. I suppose this makes sense, because our human ears are made up of fat and cartilage, no reason for a pig’s to be any different. I note that there is a risk of Salmonella contamination and bowel obstruction secondary to swallowing unchewed cartilage. Now the next time I visit Sauk City I will come with two pockets full; one of pigs’ ears, the other large milkbones.

Maybe! My last visit I got into trouble with US Customs because I had a rubbermaid tube of parcels wrapped and destined for mailing in the USA the follwing morning in Oak Forest, Illinois before I visited Bob Weinberg. The parcels were properly wrapped and sealed and the Custom’s Officer felt obliged to open 2 of the ten parcels for inspection. I carefully rewrapped them at Arkham House the next day, and delivered them to the Sauk City Post Office for Media Mail, and Delivery confirmation tracking.  What’s the official stand on importing Pig’s ears? I will undoubtedly find out; after all I had a tube full of fireworks confiscated a couple of years back when I tried import “clown-chasers” to promote a book launch — Peck’s Bad Boy.

Worse case I will have to find an emporium in Wisconsin that markets these dog delicacies and buy them there before I arrive.

I also mailed a large envelope with the galley proofs of the last three Mr. Change stories to Rodney Schroeter for final proof reading. He e-mailed me to inform me the Post Office had opened this parcel as well for inspection to insure that the parcel actually contained media (books, papers), and I guess it did, because it was delivered without penalty or postage due.

And so, I am now familiar with pig’s ears, The US Customs requirement, the USPS requirements, and last and certainly not least — a good dog’s breakfast!


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