No. 1 Chinese Restaurant

02 Mar

When you visit Sauk City, Wisconsin — August Derleth country — be sure to visit the No. 1 Chinese Restaurant. You won’t need a reservation to enjoy their long and large buffet, late morning, afternoon and evening daily. Seek out the Auguts Derleth room and have a close look at the four portraits of Augie therein — a portrait by Oba which will be familiar to many as the cover for Colelcted Poetry; a picture of Augie and his comic collection which is now at The State Historical Society in Madison, and bound with the proceeds of his Guggeheim Fellowship in 1939; a panorama of Augie on the east side of the Wisconsin on a hill ovelooking the bridge which now bears his name; and finally Augie on the raidroad bridge which still stands in part a little down river near the site of the Canning Factory where Augie and Hugo worked for a couple of summers in their youth, alongside Mark Schorer, whose father owned the factory.


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