For Arkham House Compleatists Only!

07 Mar

During my last visit to Sauk City, I visited the Arkham House warehouse beside Place of Hawks on a couple of occasions. This building is very unassuming, but it contains a wonderful selection of books that are still in print. All of the titles arrive in boxes from the printer, in various quantities per box. In times past Augie used to receive his books in boxes too, but usually the boxes contained individually wrapped 5-packs, 6-packs, 8-packs or 10-packs depending on the size and thickness of the individual volumes. Many times unless the outer box was marked the individual packs are unmarked, and would have to be opened in order to identify the contents. Well! on at least one occasion a 5-pack received an additional label to identify it. I illustrate it below — The Folsom Flint and other Curious Tales by David H. Keller (1969). Has anyone made a study of these labels? I suspect much of the information would be lost in the sands of time and consumption. We all know that Arkham House ephemera is very desirable and collectible — advertising circulars, brochures and the like are very costly to acquire, unless you are the prescient collector who purchased books originally from the source in Sauk City. But did you but them 5 and 10 at a time? Well obviously dealers did over the years, but did they save these packet labels? I don’t think so — but I would love to be proved wrong! There a great story behind Derleth and Keller but that will have to wait for a future blog report.


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One response to “For Arkham House Compleatists Only!

  1. Mirek Pawlik

    June 23, 2012 at 9:19 am

    The above rare example can be beautifully preserved for historical reasons in a handsome custom made, museum-quality matte frame (with non-reflective archive glass.)


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