Re: Henry St. Clair Whitehead

20 Feb

It was Bob Weinberg’s idea in the first place. I discussed the project with April Derleth since her father had published two volumes of Whitehead’s fiction in the 1940’s — Jumbee and West India Lights. April agreed and I borrowed the Arkham archival copies of the two books in dustjacket. plan to the art work from the two Arkham editions and add a third volume containing other uncollected stories from the pulps. One story “The People of Pan” that was already collected merited a Weird Tales cover, and that story will be published in the third volume.

Right in the middle of this project I learned that Christopher and Barbara Roden of Ash Tree Press were also publishing the same project in three volumes, and the first volume had already been released. The stories were already in the public domain when Derleth published them, so there was no question of infringing any copyrights.

I telephoned Christopher to advise him that I was proceeding with the same project, and continued to collect the stories. The majority were from Weird Tales and many had been published in various anthologies over the past twenty years. I did not want to abandon this project especially since Arkham House had published the two volumes already, and both had been out of print for years

Before I can project I still have to find three of the stories, and one correspondent has advised there may be some more htat don’t have bibliographic data available which makes them even more difficult to locate. I append the list below, if anyone can assist I would be most grateful.

Want List for Whitehead

1. The Gladstone Bag, (ss) Black Mask Sep 1925

2. Gahd Laff!, (ss) Black Mask Jun 1926

3. The Return of Milt Drennan, (ss) Mystery Stories Jan 1929

4. The Great Circle, (ss) Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror Jun 1932; Bizarre Fantasy Tales Fll 1970

5. Ruby the Kid, (ss) Nickel Western Apr 1933

6 Litrachoor, (pm) The Writer; Omniumgathum, ed. Jonathan Bacon & Steve Troyanovich, Stygian Isle Press 1976;
The Writer Etchings & Odysseys #6 1985


3 responses to “Re: Henry St. Clair Whitehead

  1. Markus Straub

    May 4, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    According to one source the story “The Love Philtre” was written by Whitehead under the pseudonym Casimir Dren. It first appeared in “Beau” (October 1927), reprinted in “Bachelor’s Quarter’s” (edited by Norman Lockbridge) in 1944.

    • George A. Vanderburgh

      May 5, 2010 at 12:34 pm

      I am advised by Glenn Lord that Henry St. Clair Whitehead wrote under at least two pseudonyme “Casimir Dren” and Fredereck Stead. The latter may be a house name, and it will now be impossible to sort out what WHitehead wrote, and what somebody wrote. The sands of time have covered the information forever. I suspect and I have not yet confirmed that Casimir Dren may be a pseudonym that Whitehead used for his newspapers articles and fiction, but databases are awailable now for perusal, but I am many miles way from a university site and paid access. Markus, any help you can supply to further this project would be gratefully acknowledged as well as very much appreciated.

      • Markus Straub

        May 18, 2010 at 6:31 am

        I’m far from being an expert on Henry S. Whitehead. The information I have on the story “The Love Philtre” I merely took from an german essay on Whitehead, written by Dr. Marco Frenschkowski. Maybe he could give you more information on these subject or his, probably american, sources. On his website there you can find some contact information. My only pride on this behalf is that I own the magazine “The Independent” from September 1926 that includes the article “The Grievance of the Virgin Islands” written by Henry S. Whitehead. But as you are mainly collecting his fiction this is probably of no use for you, is it?


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