The first appearance of Solar Pons

20 Feb

The First Appearances of Solar Pons in print

Dragnet Magazine, Volume 2, #1 – February 1929
Eberhart, Mignon: The Black Bag
Leverage, Henry: Flying Crooks
Derleth, August W.: The Adventure of the Black Narcissus
Hook, Joseph F.: Pastures New
Skidmore, Joe W.: Standard Time
Philipson, Owen: The Murder Broker
Phelps, J. Werner: Framed by Fate [Pt.1]
Coons, Maurice: The Morgan Murders [Pt.4]

Volume 3, #1 – June 1929
Good, Janet Z.: The Three Scars
Derleth, August W.:
The Adventure of the Missing Tenants
Leeper, James Walter: Orders Is Orders
Levy, E. Parke: The Ruby of Blood
Pangborn, Arden X.: The Murder of Fat Joe
Gregory, John Miller: The Red Stiletto
Von Linden, Harold: The Lost Payroll

Volume 3, #4 – September 1929
Parkhill, Forbes: Death Leaves
Feldman, Anatole: The Penthouse Murder
Lindsay, C. M.: The Great Sydney Sapphire
Macdowd, Kennie: Concealed Clues
Derleth, August W.:
The Adventure of the Broken Chessman
Leverage, Henry: Red Nose Rogerty [Pt.1]

Volume 4, #1 – October 1929
Sterling, Ward: The Abel Murder Case
Leverage, Henry: Red Nose Rogerty [Pt.2]
Hofflund, Stanley: Broken Hinges
Derleth, August W.: Two Black Buttons
Saunders, Carl M.: Hard
Wells, Hal K.: The House of Hate
Marten, Erik: Beads of Death

Volume 4, #3 – December 1929
Ford, T. W.: Red Hot
Stone, Irving: The Suicide Letter
South, John Winter: Dressed We Kill
Macdowd, Kennie: Kidnapping Killers
Leveque, James Howard: No Evidence
Geary, Lance: Counterfeit Slugs
Compton, Jack: Racketeer Wages
Derleth, August W.: Adventure of the Late Mr. Faversham
Archibald, Joe: Gangster’s Revenge

In the aftermath of the 2008 Windy City Pulp and Paperback Show in Chicago Bob Weinberg and I had dinner together. We discussed many things, in particular, the run of “Rafferty” and “Chang” stories in Detective Story Magazine by A.E. Apple, who I understand to have been a Canadian living in Toronto by the name of A.E. Applebaum, who died by his own hand in 1932. I am presently searching for his next-of-kin, with no luck so far. I had borrowed the run of the magazine from Randy Vanderbeek, and would be returning them to Randy at Pulpcon, in Dayton, Ohio in July 2008. Bob then mentioned that August Derleth’s Solar Pons stories first appeared in Dragnet Magazine, (a predecessor to Detective Story Magazine) in four issues in 1929. Bob then went up to his study and came down with the four pulps. I have reproduced the covers overleaf, and include the Table of Contents of each for the reader’s edification. Please note that none of the four stories warranted mention on the covers. I was confident that Derleth rewrote and perhaps changed the stories when they subsequently appeared, and a cursory perusal of the text would confirm this.

1. “The Adventureof the Black Narcissus” and “The Adventure of the Late Mr. Faversham” in the 1945 appearance of In Re: Sherlock Holmes: The Adventures of Solar Pons.
2. “The Adventure of the Broken Chessman” in the 1951 appearance of The Memoirs of Solar Pons.
3. “The Adventure of the Missing Tenants” in the 1973 appearance of The Chronicles of Solar Pons.
4. “Two Black Buttons” An otherwise uncollected story, and will appear in an upcoming edition of the Newsletter.


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