A Zeppelin on the Horizon

19 Feb

Many years ago now, I received an e-mail from a gentleman who wanted to reprint the Fantastic Fiction of Philip M. Fisher. I agreed to do the project, and he sent me some of the stories that he had already digitized. There was a lot of other material to find, and I set about the task. The gentleman who first suggested the project grew impatient, and I suspect did not like my approach to the project and sought another publisher, and the project as he perceived it has already been published.

Last year I thought everything was ready to publish and then Rodney Schroeter pointed out after he had completed the proof reading and also scanned an additional novel that I didn’t know about, pointed out to me that there were Fisher short stories listed by Bill Contento that were not in the table of contents of the project.

In the meantime I found a great Zeppelin cover which was adapted from an oil painting by Donald Purdon. Donald had painted it for the late Ann Skein Melvin, and her husband David Skein Melvin arranged with the artist for the necessary permissions.

The project still lacks a small list of short stories which I will enumerate below under the front cover and wrap around Dustjacket illustrations.



The Fisher Want List

The Admiral’s Uniform, (ss) Sunset Magazine May 1924
El Capitan’s Revenge, (ss) Munsey’s Aug 1922
Compass, (ss) Sea Stories Jul 20 1923
Kin Lee, (ss) Munsey’s Oct 1922
Platonic, (ss) Breezy Stories Aug 1920

My colleague Kevin Cook has suggested that these stories are almost impossible to locate — but I’m still going to wait and hope for the best. I will publish what I have in another year or so, and THAT is one sure way that the missing stories surface!


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