Introducing Norgil The Magician …

18 Feb

This morning I completed a set of photocopies of the 23 short stories by Walter Gibson featuring Norgil, a Magician Detective. The Mysterious Press completed 2/3 of the series back in the 1970’s with two volumes. I had a list of all 23 cases and borrowed a set of the original pulps from Randy Vanderbeek, a member of The Sacred Six (The Editorial Board of The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box). Ordinarily this procedure would not be worthy of commentary in a blog — but the list I obtained somewhere on the internet was seriously flawed. Three of the titles had been (I suspect) purposely altered. However the list below is accurate to the best of my ability, and I post it here! and invite comments!

The Compleat Portfolio of Norgil the Magician

by Walter Gibson as Maxwell Grant

1. Norgil (Crime Busters, November 1937)
2. Ring of Death (Crime Busters, January 1938)
3. Murderer’s Throne (Crime Busters, February 1938)
4. The Second Double (Crime Busters, March 1938)
5. Drinks on the House (Crime Busters, April 1938)
6. Chinaman’s Chance (Crime Busters, May 1938)
7. The Glass Box (Crime Busters, June 1938)
8. The Mad Magician (Crime Busters, July 1938)
9. The Ghost That Came Back (Crime Busters, August 1938)
10. The Silver Venus (Crime Busters, September 1938)
11. Double Barrelled Magic (Crime Busters, November 1938)
12. Magician’s Choice (Crime Busters, December 1938)
13. Old Crime Week (Crime Busters, February 1939)
14. Murder in Wax (Crime Busters, April 1939)
15. The Mystery of Moloch (Crime Busters, June 1939)
16. $5,000 Reward! (Crime Busters, July 1939)
17. A Chest of Ching Ling Foo (Crime Busters, September 1939)
18. The Blue Pearls (Mystery Magazine, December 1939)
19. The Lady and the Lion (Mystery Magazine, January 1940)
20. Crime in the Crystal (Mystery Magazine, March 1940)
21. Too Many Ghosts (Mystery Magazine, May 1940)
22. Battle of Magic (Mystery Magazine, July 1940)
23. Tank-Town Tour (Mystery Magazine, November 1940)


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