On a Cold Sunny Day in February

16 Feb

The basement floor got a final coat of cement paint last weekend, while I was visiting in Toronto. The highlight of my visit was a trip to a bookstore to purchase a book on How to create a WordPress blog by that McNutty fellow. And so hopefully the eye appeal, bells and whistles will improve shortly, or more likely in the fullness of time — but there is no guarantee. All I am really thinking about is driving to Sauk City later this week.

After my morning coffee ritual and opening some of my mail which I picked up last week (not this morning because it is Family Day here in Ontario and there is no mail!) I took my digital camera out to the garage, and took some pictures which I will post below. Before I do that I have to relate the hurdles involved in this process 1) dead batteries in my wireless keyboard. 2) trying to insert a high density USB 4GB flash memory card into a low density USB port. 3) The necessity of charging the Lithium battery in the camera. 4) And finally I had to reset my WordPress password.

11 o’clock: Bookhouse from driveway, looking east; note cornerstone “2oo8”
1 o’clock: upper floor looking south-east, 54′ of shelves.
7 o’clock: upper floor looking north-east, 3 sections of shelves, interrupted with windows
5 o’clock: lower level from the rear looking east noting windows and spiral staircase.

I must walk out onto the ice to take a picture of the cottage and bookhouse together — but I’ll save that for another post and attach it to discussion of another book project.

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