A Visit to Antarctica in 1948

12 Feb

After I completed the publication of his father’s memoirs entitled Memories of China (1910-1932), Dick sat me down and showed me his two photographic scrapbooks and diary that he kept of his visit to Antarctica between 1946 and 1948, we agreed that I would publish it next. Dick’s father had typed out his son’s hand written diary in its entirety as Dick had written it chronologically by date. I was unable to scan this document, and I made contact with a professional typist who performed the job successfully in short order. Dick and his wife Eileen have proof read the first galley, but they are going over it again for typos etc. Dick also had a set of colour transparencies under glass slides which I had transformed in colour photographs which I subsequently scanned for Dick’s captions. Dick is now busy crating an index for his notes that he wrote over sixty years now. And I am busy scanning some of the more interesting pictures which Dick too himself in the Antarctic and developed there as well. One of them will be used on the cover.

After his return from the Antarctic in 1948, Dr. A.R.C. Butson received a call to attend the King, George VI at Buckingham Palace, in London England; and subsequently Dr. Butson received a second call to attend the Queen, Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in 1972. Dr. Butson had an impressive career as a General Surgeon in Hamilton, and in the Canadian Forces Medical Services. He has served his country well over the years, and now lives in retirement on Hamilton mountain, or on his farm. He has the longest list of post-nominals that I have ever encountered, and it is pleasure and an honour to work with him on this project entitled Young Men in the Antarctic — An Illustrated Doctor’s Diary (1946-1948).


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