Mail-Box Full!

20 Sep

Over the summer months, I started to receive e-mails from a number of frustrated customers, that they were unable to send e-mails from the website, and that they were getting the message “Mail Box Full” To address this problem, I cleared the deck, and set a day aside this week to deal specifically with this issue with the Technical Team at my ISP provider that hosts my website. Rather than go into a detailed explanation of what then transpired suffice to say the two mail boxes were deleted, they had a total of over 8000 messages, but over 90% were spam messages. The remaining 10% were messages that I had already dealt with or received previously. I created a new e-mail address on the website, with instructions to forward all messages received to my current e-mail address. I tested it; it works!

A second problem that I had been experiencing with my website, involved my computer caching pages from my website wehn I accessed it on the internet, so that after I had update the Website with FrontPage, the old cached pages loaded instead of the revised pages. I was able to remove all caches and cookies with my Web browser, and the problem was instantly resolved. Now, more importantly I know how to resolve this issue when it present again.

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Posted by on September 20, 2008 in Internet Snafoos


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