A Cornerstone Proposal

19 Sep

Since my retirement commenced on 1 April 2008, I have been working with my friend Larry Moore to build a Hobby Garage for my books next to my home on Lake Eugenia. The first four months have been entirely occupied with negotiations with the GREY SAUBLE CONSERVATION AUTHORITY and THE MUNICIPALITY OF GREY HIGHLANDS Building Department. The project got underway in September 2008. The footings were poured this week, and the cement for the basement will be poured on Monday. The outside wall cement was plugged and tarred last evening, and I expect the Building Inspector later today! I plan to visit a tombstone place in the very near future to select a marble slab, on which I plan to inscribe “2008 and the Logo of the Battered Silicon Dispatch Box which Peter Ruber gave me back in 1995. This logo was formerly used by his publishing firm “The Candlelight Press” This logo was designed for Peter Ruber by Henry Lauritzen and is pictured above.

Construction of the floor begins next week, and I am planning to include a cornerstone which will contain a TIME CAPSULE. A couple of local newspapers, and some some souvenir coins are appropriate, but I have invited The Sacred Six to propose additional items for the Time Capsule, and that will be a subject of a future post.

Bob Weinberg suggested that I paint a Cthulhu monster on the garage door — I don’t think so. However I could be convinced to set a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes at the corner of the garage. These figures are eye-catchers, and this one was originally used on the Sherlock Holmes Float in the Shelburne Fiddle Contest Parade in August 1992 — but that’s another story!

Larry and I are presently investigating floor to ceiling (8 feet) shelving, since I will have the opportunity to place shelving on 56 feet of straight wall space, from one end of the building to another interrupted by a single 4 foot window, which will also contain a pane of stained glass featuring the staff of AEscalepius.

I have many pictures of the building under construction, but I will spare the reader’s eyes!

… The buildings inspector arrived, and the next visit will be scheduled when the garage is framed up — whatever that means.


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